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Thuleen is a blockchain-based certificate authentication solution. It can be used to store any kind of certificates; graduation or academic credentials, birth certificates, warranties and identities, even artwork and property ownership on the blockchain network.

Your solution will be based on the Ethereum, the largest blockchain ecosystem and has the largest and most active blockchain community in the world. So now you know, we build on an enormously powerful shared global infrastructure.

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Place you love vow, together with your partner on the Ethereum rinkeby blockchain network. You can record a 10 seconds video of your vow.

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Key features

Easy but Industrial-Strength Verification

Using Thuleen's Client Application, certificate owner can used it to download, and more importantly be able to prove that they have earned the certificate and it can be verifiable on the blockchain network. The can share and proof it to the third party or with anyone globally.

Currently the Client Application works on desktops, laptops and mobile devices —both Android and iOS. It requires Chrome or FireFox or mobile version of Firefox with Metamask extension.

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That's right! No commitment and no charge. We can do it for free without any deposit or commitment from you. We can quickly integrate Thuleen solution into your organisation, without needing to expend much resources.

Boost your organisation's brand recognition and reputation without breaking the bank! No monthly or yearly maintenance or subscription fee. No upfront cost. You only pay according to the number of certificates you wish to issue. That's it! We promise that there is absolutely no hidden cost!

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key technology

Strong & Stable Platform

Thuleen solution is based on well-estalished Ethereum platform and trusted development frameworks with a vibrant community, with best practices and compliance with Ethereum token standards.

Your contract is truly yours. You will not be tied to us and thus to any vendor. Therefore you are free to develop customised solution in the future.

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How it works

Step 1

Design certificate

You decide what informations to be included in the certificate. For example, student's name, degree, school, transcript and more.

Step 2

Setup end-user app

We help you setup the mobile-friendly application so that your end-users can access and retrieve certificates from the blockchain.

Final Step


Just inform us the numbers of certificates to be minted, only pay us according to the quantity and we mint them for you.

Boost certification recognition

Learn how thuleen can help you to issue any kind of certificates on the ethereum blockchain. Call us for demo, no charge and no commitment.

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