View academic certificate

Easy peasy! Once you have been notified by an email, go to and click SIGIN button.

Remember, first you have to create a Bitski account. Please read how to register.

Once logged in, click the View toolbar button on the top right side of the Home screen. That’s it! You should be able to view your newly minted certificate and transcript.

You can switch between two views: Simple and Traditional. You can also share your certificate with your friend or any interested third-party.

Now you can rest assure that your certificate is store on the public ethereum blockchain network which is available around the globe – as long as there is internet!

If you find any mistake on your certificate or transcript, or experience difficulty viewing your certificate, don’t forget to email us at or contact your university registrar.

However, any correction, especially spelling and anything relates to the contents of your transcript will require a manual verification process and authorisation from your university. So resolving an issue relates to the contents of your certificate might take a little bit more time!