How to engage us?

For academic and licensing certificates solutions, we provide an end-to-end managed services. This means that you can simply provide us an access to the records that you have authorised to us.

From there, we will take care the minting process of those records on the blockchain network. We also provide a free-to-use mobile-friendly web application for you and your client to use in order to validate those certificates.

The web application can be installed onto you selected web hosting service, or use our hosting service with a reasonable annual subscription fee.

Engagement process

Many of our existing clients were pleasantly suprised of how easy the process is. It is clear and predictable as shown below:

1. Define records

The initial stage is about selecting the appropriate fields of a record that you wish to store on a certificate. Once done, you can provide the set of records to us.

2. Deployment of DApp

Once record is defined, we will deploy a mobile-friendly decentralized web application or (“DApp”) on your hosting server or we could hand over a zip file containing the application and you could install on your own.

The free-to-use app is basically will be used to access the certificates minted on the blockchain.

The DApp will also be used to register the certificate owner.

3. Minting process

Minting process is done by us. The minting process is essentially putting the informations of which you had defined onto the blockchain network as certificates.

4. Report

We are happy to generate a more complex set of reports with small amount of fee.