Register license certificate

To participate in any blockchain applications, a potential owner of a certificate must have a pair of public and private keys. Since thuleen is based on the Ethereum platform, the user must create a pair of Ethereum public and private keys or a wallet.

A wallet simply hold the public and private keys. It can hold as many pairs of keys as the user wish to have. Perhaps one pair is to be used for payment of cryptocurrencies and the other is to hold the license certificate or any Ethereum based non fungible token or NFT.

Create an Ethereum wallet

The are many ways to create a wallet. The following are the 3 methods:

  1. Download an Ethereum compatible wallet app from AppStore or Google Play Store;
  2. Using Metamask – a Chrome extension.
  3. Sign up with Bitski.

Whatever method you choose, you will end up with a pair of public and private keys.

So, in order to register for a license certificate in this solution, the potential license owner must inform only the public key so that thuleen system can transfer the license certificate to the license owner according to his or her public key.

thuleen provides a mobile-friendly web application so that user can key in the public key and submit the key into the thuleen system.

Note currently thuleen mobile-friendly web application is well integrated with Bitski sign up process so the public key submission to thuleen system is seamless and simple!